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Hitting the mark with your telemarketingMany people make the mistake of thinking a telemarketing campaign is simply a channel to make appointments or generate sales leads.  But what is often overlooked are the hidden benefits that telemarketing delivers, over and above those valuable sales ‘first dates’.


Behind the scenes, telemarketing delivers so much more than phone calls:


  • Database maintenance – cleanse and clean
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Speed to market – personally reach out to 2,000 targeted prospects in a week!
  • Gathers permission from your customers to receive email communications
  • Tests your ‘sales pitch’
  • Market intelligence
  • Staff and Business performance surveys
  • Creates ‘top of mind’ awareness of your brand or product
  • Develops relationships with your customers
  • Clears product lines quickly and create cash flow


Database maintenance

When was the last time you rationalised your database?  An up to date database is one of the most important tools in your marketing toolbox.  If your marketing doesn’t ‘land in the right place’ you have zero chance of selling your product or service. A telemarketing campaign can manage your database, keeping your data ‘clean’ and relevant for on-going marketing activity.


Cost effectiveness

Telemarketing can reach hundreds of targeted prospects in a very short space of time. When compared with other mediums, telemarketing is an incredibly cost effective way to get qualified sales leads to distribute to your sales team.


Permission to market via email

Anti-spam regulations mean you can’t just fire off sales or promotional emails to people without their permission.  As part of a telemarketing campaign, we can gather the necessary permission from your customers and potential clients to receive emails, in a very short space of time.


Testing your sales pitch

Is the way you’re presenting your offer to your customers effective? Is it hitting the mark? A telemarketing campaign is immediate and the feedback you get is very helpful in developing your key marketing messages.   The key messages you started your campaign with can be tweaked as you go, resulting in a more effective communication with your customer.


Market intelligence

Getting to know your target market is essential for any business.  A telemarketing campaign is an opportunity to gather market intelligence; specific information that will help you develop your marketing on a more strategic level. You can test various industries and regions to uncover where the growth opportunities and ‘low hanging fruit’ lives – and go get it!


Some questions you might like answers to are: Why are customers choosing your competitors?  What influences their buying?  What company comes to mind when they think of your industry?


Performance surveys

How well do your sales reps service your valuable and hard earned clientele?  Quarterly reviews can help you ensure your clients are well looked after by your sales team.  Avoid competitors stealing your customers by making sure your sales staff is up to scratch.


Create ‘top of mind’ awareness of your brand or product

Talking to your customers gives you an immediate understanding of how your brand, product or service is perceived in the market.  There are a number of ways to increase brand awareness, such as direct marketing and advertising, but telemarketing speaks to your customers directly, getting feedback literally from the horse’s mouth.


Growing and maintaining relationship with your customers

Talking directly to your customer presents an opportunity to develop your relationship with them.  Telemarketing can help you upsell, cross sell and promote new products.  Existing customers are already knowledgeable about your brand, so build on that relationship.


Clear product lines quickly to create cash flow

Use telemarketing to clear your inventory of older stock and product lines. Create a fantastic offer and script and press ‘go’. Cash flow is king in any business and no one likes to see unsold stock sitting around for too long.


The value of telemarketing is significantly higher than being simply related to appointment setting and lead generation. With a well planned and executed campaign, telemarketing can deliver a number of additional benefits for your business.



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