Rural Data

Whether its dairy, arable, horticulture, sheep, beef farms or lifestyle block details, our data is the most comprehensive and accurate available.

Base Data Pricing

All orders include a selection fee of $200 and exclude gst.  A minimum order of $500 applies.


All base data is supplied with name, location, contact information and property type.
Telemarketing data comes with phone number but not street address.
Mailing data does contain street address but no contain any phone numbers.


Our base pricing is:

Additional Data Options

Our data can be filtered / segmented to specific targeting requirements for an additional per record price.

Farming data can be filtered by farm size and we also have a growing number of mobile numbers for some farm contacts.

Rural Lifestyle and rural residential data can be filtered by property size, property value; homeowner, director/shareholder, and we have derived age and income profiles for a large proportion of our lifestyle base.

Rural Farming Data

Select from one of the following farm types to see what type of data we have available

Rural Lifestyle and Rural Residential Data

Rural Lifestyle:  Larger rural properties generally greater than 0.5 hectares and designated lifestyle by LINZ.

Rural Residential:  Mainly small rural townships properties and generally less than 0.5 hectare and designated residential by LINZ.


Select from one of the following categories to see what data we have available

Facebook Data

We can create unique facebook audiences.

Clients use our unique audiences for different advertising campaigns including:
– attracting local farmers to their stands at A&P Shows / Field-days with special promotions.
– creating awareness of products / services to a specific targeted audience
– generating click throughs to your webpage to build audiences for Re-Marketing and future engagement.


If you are already using social media for your business promotion then you should talk to your social media provider about taking your advertising to the next level.


Contact Us for an initial discussion on your requirements.


Lead Generation / Telemarketing

Once you have purchased your telemarketing list we may be able to help you with your marketing campaign. Our small team of experienced telemarketers are mainly occupied with calling for our existing clients. From time to time, space does become available for us to manage your campaign depending on your requirements.


Contact us about what you are trying to achieve and we will advise if we are able to help.


Database Updating

We help businesses to keep their rural databases and CRM’s up to date. We can reformat data, update data and add new prospects to your database. We can also append information with names, addresses, mobile numbers, property size and property type along with other information like meshblock data or X,Y coordinates for geo mapping requirements.


Talk to us about how we can help you enhance you existing data.