How to create an effective B2B telemarketing campaign

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Effective B2B CampaignThe careful planning of a B2B (business to business) telemarketing campaign is crucial to its success.  The more focussed the planning, the more effective and usable the information you receive back will be.


Here are a few key points to consider and work through before you launch your telemarketing campaign.




Start out with the end in mind.  What results do you want?

Take time to clearly define the objectives of the campaign, and check they’re realistic.  What is it you want to achieve – for example is it product sales, customer relationship building or a tidy up of your database?   By defining the end, you’ll be able to create the path to get there.


Objectives could include:


  • key metrics like number of prospects contacted
  • the number of calls placed
  • the number of leads generated
  • market intelligence that you may be able to use in other areas of your business such as product development or marketing.


A key consideration when defining your objectives is being able to service the leads generated.  If your business cannot efficiently deliver the product or service, it will likely work against you and damage your reputation.


Budgeting and resources


This is particularly important if you are deciding between executing a campaign internally or outsourcing to a specialised agency.


Outsourcing may seem more costly at first, but an in-house campaign will incur multiple costs such as staff salaries, training, time and resources managing the campaign and an inside sales team, software licences for CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and other tools. In many cases, it is more cost effective and easier to achieve a healthier return on investment by outsourcing this function.


Communication channels


A good flow of information between necessary parties is important to the success of any telemarketing campaign.


A robust system for reporting and managing the campaign is essential.  It will ensure the information gathered is of value to your business, both now and into the future.


  • Define the information requirements of both sales and marketing and set up the relevant fields in the reporting system.
  • Decide how ‘leads’ are to be reported.  Define and communicate the process to both the telemarketing team who send them, and the sales team who receive them.
  • Meet as regularly as necessary with key people involved with the campaign .  This can be a useful forum to discuss feedback, key trends and lessons learned.
  • Daily or weekly reporting will keep your campaign on track and keep everyone in your organisation in the loop.


Target list


Getting your target list right is vital to the success of your telemarketing campaign.


Reconsider the campaign objectives when you are putting together the target list. If your main objective is to keep your sales people busy with high-quality leads, then your target list should contain warm prospects or low-hanging fruit i.e. the type of prospects that you know will have a requirement for your product or service.


However, if your campaign objective is around launching a new company, product or service to a new market then your list should be wide reaching; built on clearly identifiable criteria such as industry, company size, geography etc and carefully measured during the campaign to ascertain where the opportunities are resulting.


Choose the right telemarketing agents


Even seasoned sales professionals will admit that cold calling is difficult. It’s a specialised skill that many salespeople have neither acquired nor nurtured. Any why should they?


Salespeople should concentrate on what they do best – closing the sale. You need telemarketing agents that are professional and enthusiastic about what they do; people who can hold a high level conversation, ask the tough questions, and qualify the leads.

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