99 Corporation is a farming and lifestyle database provider

Our History

For over 10 years 99 Corporation has been successfully helping companies in New Zealand and Australia connect with their markets and grow their business. Increased demand from our clients for reliable farming and lifestyle data has provided the exciting opportunity to transition from a B2B telemarketing company to a rural database specialist.

Our Relationships

99 Corporation has established itself as the leading provider of rural data in the New Zealand market place. Through robust relationships with other quality data providers, 99 Corporation has put in place processes to ensure database integrity is kept to the highest possible level. To comply with best practice, our data is washed regularly against the following registers and directories.
  • Do not call / Do not mail
  • Death register
  • Phone directory
  • Mail redirection service

Our Commitment

We make no secret that rural data is difficult to get right. We are totally upfront about the challenges and limitations with rural data so that there are no surprises. That’s why we have developed our statement on data integrity which is available upon request.


To reinforce our commitment towards getting our data right, we will either replace or refund the per record cost of data supplied of any disconnected phone number or GNA mail return subject to the terms and conditions outlined in our data integrity statement.


Feedback from our clients is that 99 rural data is the best available.

Our people

Dedicated to getting results for you.

Rob Nieuwland is Managing Director of 99 Corporation. Rob is passionate about data, about service and maintaining quality client relationships.
Robs background in direct marketing and experience in lead generation gives him a unique perspective on the importance of selecting the right target market for your telemarketing, mailing or Facebook advertising campaign.

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Rob Nieuwland
Managing Director