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99 Go Rural For A Day!

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99 Corporation doing some sheep shearingAt 99 Corporation we try to get together for team building and relaxed staff functions a few times a year.


99 Corporation has a large number of clients who use us to reach rural NZ farmers therefore it seemed a logical choice to head to a rural destination for our next team outing and get a real feel for all things rural. Our most recent event definitely had a strong rural focus! It was held at a 150 year old woolshed called Wool World, at Clifton Station


We started the day with the obligatory speeches from our Managing Director Rob Nieuwland and National Sales Manager Brad Friis, thanking the team for their consistently fantastic work and communicating new business developments and strategic direction for the next quarter. We are really lucky to have such a talented and capable team.


Once the guys had finished we were treated to a fascinating display of agility, strength and skill by Bruce Richardson and Tommy Gordon – 6th generation family owners of Clifton Station. Ian Richardson, Bruce’s Dad, sat by and supervised the display. We got the feeling Ian’s done his fair share of shearing sheep and now it was time for the young ones to earn their stripes.


99 Corporation rural marketing day outDuring the show Brad was hauled up onto the stage for a bit of a workout but he seemed to handle it okay – at least he gave the impression he could handle it. Brad had to wind the antique shearing machine for 5 – 10 minutes, an activity that was once carried out with husband and wife shearing teams.



Following the show, we got to take a good look around the woolshed at the vintage and museum like collection of tools and products from days gone by. Absolutely fascinating to see how things once were.


After the show we all hung out together to chat and relaxed over a great lunch at a nearby café.


A great finish to the week. By all accounts everyone enjoyed the interactive and educational experience of 99’s going rural for a day.


If you want to find out more about how 99 Corporation can help you connect to your market get in touch. We’ll even shout you a coffee. // +64 6 280 5158 //

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