We offer a range of services that enable you to quickly and cost-effectively connect to your desired market.

Lead Generation

Give your sales staff all the motivation they need – qualified leads.

We’ll keep their appointment calendars full, so they can get in front of qualified leads and do what they do best – sell your products and services. Increase your closing ratio and decrease cost per sale. Let us provide you with the names, addresses and phone numbers of people interested in what you’ve got to offer. We can connect you with a range of professions and market sectors, including trades people, retailers, legal and health professionals, the insurance sector, the education sector, architects and accountants, farmers and contractors. The only question you have to ask yourself is: who do you want to connect with?CONNECT WITH US

Data Management

Do you know how many potential customers are ready to do business with you? We can tell you.

We deliver databases for a wide range of market sectors and industries, from urban professionals to dairy farmers. Once we’ve established your target profile, we’ll build a database of prospects that match those criteria. You can engage our telemarketing services to reach those targets and qualify leads, or just use the data alone to drive your own marketing initiatives. Either way, you’ll be able to mine a rich seam of potential new customers. Send your own database to boot camp: Do you have an existing database bloated with out-of-date information? We can turn it into a lean marketing machine. Contact us to arrange a fitness test.CONNECT WITH US


A proven method of reaching and engaging with your market.

It’s fast – we can communicate with hundreds of your prospects or existing customers in a single week. It’s personable – because phone calls win hearts as well as minds. It’s flexible – use it to conduct quantitative, as well as qualitative research. And it’s extremely cost-effective – making it a valuable part of your marketing mix. Use telemarketing for lead generation and relationship building. Our proven track record will get you the results you want. To talk to them in person, talk to us first.CONNECT WITH US

Rural Marketing

If you want to connect with any segment of the RD market, talk to us first.

We have an extensive nationwide database, as well as experience in contacting and engaging this ‘hard-to-reach’ sector. Our rural database covers all types of farming in New Zealand – from large scale dairying to retired farmers and lifestyle block holders – pretty much anyone with an RD address you want to connect with. Most importantly, our callers are experienced in talking to farmers in a down-to-earth, approachable manner. We know when to call, what to say, and how to maximise results. Reach rural New Zealand with us.CONNECT WITH US

Market Research

In a competitive market place, second chances are rare. Get it right first time and make it count.

Gain a better understanding of the competitive landscape before you make your move. Identify market opportunities, as well as potential threats. We can survey your existing and potential customers to enable informed business decision making. Keep your business on track and gain a competitive edge.CONNECT WITH US

Event Management

We’ll get people to your event, so you can focus on the event itself.

We can recruit for seminars, manage invitation lists including the RSVP process, and follow up attendees with further service offerings. Use 99 Corporation to: call your invite list, encourage attendance, answer questions and collect RSVPs. We’ll register and report on who’s attending (and those unable to attend) make reminder calls and capture specific feedback after the event. Receive reports with sales opportunities from your event and valuable market feedback to show your customers you care what they think. Get the most out of event.CONNECT WITH US

Customer Service Reviews

Increased customer loyalty is linked to increased profitability.

We’ll provide you with valuable feedback to inform pricing policy, product development and service delivery – and fine tune customer relationship management. Protect your customer base by truly engaging with them and delivering what they say they want.  Find out how you fare compared to your competitors, how well your sales team are performing, or how you can improve your service. Whatever you want to know, we can help you find the answers. Hear what your customers have to say.CONNECT WITH US