New Rural Data

Generate quality leads, increase sales, build ongoing relationships with your most receptive audience.

99’s Farming and Rural Databases

Struggling to find an accurate and complete database of rural properties and farmers?

That’s because it does not exist. Rural data is hard. Information is scarce and the matching process is difficult. That’s why large data companies don’t do rural.

Our data is not perfect but it’s getting there. We have spent 7 years so far developing our database and we are committed to making it better still. We are open and upfront about its limitations so there are no surprises. Feedback from the market place is that our data is the best available.

If you are serious about targeting rural directly, then lets have a serious chat to see if we can help.


Segmentation of Farming Data

Looking for pastoral farms in Southland over 200 hectares?  Or Dairy farmers in Taranaki? What about retired lifestylers in Bay of Plenty?

Our lifestyle and farming database can be segmented by various criteria. We have farm type by Dairy, Sheep, Beef, Arable, Horticulture and also other smaller classifications. We have lifestyles segment by income, age, occupation and various land information. We have phone numbers and mailing addresses. We do not have email address.

Click on some of the categories below for an idea of what we may have available to meet your targeting needs. Even better contact us on what you are trying to achieve and we can discuss how we can help.



Sheep / Beef

Unclassified Pastoral



And more...

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Income Levels

Age / Sex

Property Information


Socio Demographic Profile

And more...

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Rural Direct Mail / Rural Phone Lists

Contact databases that connect you directly with farmers.

We can provide you with the names, addresses and phone numbers for over 50,000 rural properties. We have spent thousands of hours updating address formats to comply with postage requirements as well as updating other farm details. Our address standards maximise bulk mailing discounts from NZ Post. We have mainly landline numbers but are building an ever increasing number of mobile phone numbers as well. We do NOT store or sell rural email addresses. You can purchase just mailing details, or phone numbers or both and the price per record depends on what detail you require.

99 Rural Telemarketing Specialists

Experience in calling the rural sector and generating results

If you have limited resources available for calling, then 99 has extensive experience in contacting this ‘hard to reach’ sector on behalf of our clients. Our callers are experienced in talking to farmers in a down-to-earth approachable manner. We know when to call, what to say, and we call at a pace that allows you to manage each lead. We only call for companies where we believe we can contribute a positive result. This often depends on the strength of the calling proposition, the ability of the company to follow through on outcomes, and the campaign planning and preparation set in place prior to calling.

Talk to us to see if we are a good fit for your rural calling requirements.


Rural Data Integrity

Rural data is limited and we make no apologies for this.

There are a number of factors that impact on the accuracy of rural data. Despite these limitations, direct mail and direct calling are a cost effective and efficient way to target the farming and rural community.

If you are considering calling or mailing the rural sector, then contact us about our farming databases. We will be open about the challenges with rural data so that there are no surprises.